#2 Goat farming in Jamaica.


           Goat farming in Jamaica would be a good thing for Jamaican people to start doing. “This is an excellent way for goat farmers to learn about best practices in goat rearing, get information, and see how they can improve what they are doing to get the best results,” Welsh said. Some group called EU donated $85 million dollars to increase the number of goat farmer. Jamaica has a high import bill, and goat meat is the most meat. The cost is likely to rise soon. Goat farming would help to decrease import bills.

Goat farming is a good way for Jamaica to decrease bills and give people jobs. It would be more fresh milk, cheese, and meat. It would cut crime as well. It would pay good, and the government sponsors it. This is great for Jamaica. This would benefit many people and would help the country. So get started and buy some goats. Go goats!


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